The American Dollar - Ambient One (CD)

The American Dollar - Ambient One (CD)

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Deductive remixes comprised of ambient mixes of tracks from 2007's The Technicolour Sleep and 2008's A Memory Stream, conceived of by THE AMERICAN DOLLAR in Summer 2009.


Track listing

  1. Starscapes (Ambient)
  2. Bump (Ambient)
  3. Lights Dim (Ambient)
  4. We're Hitting Everything (Ambient)
  5. DEA (Ambient)
  6. Rudiments of A Spiritual Life (Ambient)
  7. Signaling Through The Flames (Ambient)
  8. The Slow Wait (Part One) (Ambient)
  9. The Slow Wait (Part Two) (Ambient)
  10. Anything You Synthesize (Ambient)
  11. Time (Ambient)
  12. Transcendence (Ambient)
  13. Signaling Through The Flames (Film Edit)
  14. Time (Film Edit)
  15. Intro
  16. Chase