The American Dollar - Ambient Two (CD)

The American Dollar - Ambient Two (CD)

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Deductive remixes comprised of ambient mixes of tracks from 2009's The Inland Sea and 2010's Atlas, conceived of by THE AMERICAN DOLLAR in Spring 2010.


Track listing

  1. A Few Words (Ambient)
  2. Age of Wonder (Ambient)
  3. Fade in Out (Ambient)
  4. Shadows (Ambient)
  5. Oil and Water (Ambient)
  6. Circuits (Ambient)
  7. Red Letter (Ambient)
  8. Equinox (Ambient)
  9. Second Sight (Ambient)
  10. Flood (Ambient)
  11. Near East (Ambient)
  12. Landing (Ambient)
  13. Where We Are (Ambient)
  14. Par Avion