The Amps - Pacer (CD)

The Amps - Pacer (CD)

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Pacer was The Amps' only LP. It was released on October 31, 1995. The album is titled after the first track. The song "I Am Decided" was a combination of two songs written by Robert Pollard, which were given to Kim Deal as a gift after she produced some songs for Guided by Voices. The song "Hoverin'" was originally recorded by the Breeders as a B-side track on the single "Divine Hammer".


Track listing

  1. Pacer
  2. Tipp City
  3. I Am Decided
  4. Mom's Drunk
  5. Bragging Party
  6. Hoverin
  7. First Revival
  8. Full on Idle
  9. Breaking the Split Screen Barrier
  10. Empty Glasses
  11. She's a Girl
  12. Dedicated


...the album is raw, punky, and amateurish -- it's lo-fi garage punk. Not only does Deal sound recharged by recording with a new band in such a rushed atmosphere, she contributes her most immediate and bracing songs since Pod, the first Breeders album. - 4/5