The Cure - Pornography (2005 Reissue) (CD) The Cure - Pornography (2005 Reissue) (CD)

The Cure - Pornography (2005 Reissue) (CD)

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The Cure

Formed 1978 in Crawley, United Kingdom

THE CURE's 1982 nihilistic masterpiece and highlight of their career. The final part of a trilogy of down-beat post-punk gothic releases, Pornography is a monumentally bleak album.
This CD contains the original album in its entirety, re-mastered at Abbey Road in 2005.

This band and this album in particular have inspired various Black Metal bands, and is a strong influence on the British project HATEFUL ABANDON.


Track listing

  1. One Hundred Years
  2. A Short Term Effect
  3. The Hanging Garden
  4. Siamese Twins
  5. The Figurehead
  6. A Strange Day
  7. Cold
  8. Pornography


The Cure imposes an order that at first seems contrary to the basic preconceptions of rock 'n' roll. For them, lyrics are everything. Instruments may set the scene, but they seldom stray from merely creating atmosphere... uncompromising and challenging... - 5/5