The Cutthroats 9 - You Should Be Dead (EP)

The Cutthroats 9 - You Should Be Dead (EP)

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Spencer is a well known name throughout musical circles as the main creative force behind UNSANE, legendary New York band who can claim influence in the creation of noise rock, post-hardcore and sludge. UNSANE were a monster in their own right, releasing records on Matador, Atlantic, AmRep, and Relapse, touring with metal demigods Slayer and even becoming an unlikely MTV buzz band due to a memorable music video culled from footage of bone breaking skater wipe-outs. Eventually dissolving in the late 90’s Spencer and UNSANE bassist Dave Curran regrouped in San Francisco, recruiting second guitarist Mark Laramie and drummer Will Carroll to form the CUTTHROATS. Retaining the harsh urban tone of their previous unit, the CUTTHROATS 9 take a stride forward adding driving rock riffs, a more diverse arsenal of sound effects and polyrhythmic percussion.


Track listing

  1. You Should Be Dead
  2. Can't Do a Thing