The Dark Alamorte - Lunacrium Thepsis (Digipak 2CD)

The Dark Alamorte - Lunacrium Thepsis (Digipak 2CD)

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Essential listening for fans of FALLUJAH, INSOMNIUM, LORNA SHORE and ALCESTIS. Traversing the realms of a genre that has been rehashed and redesigned many times, THE DARK ALAMORTE confronts black metal's conventional soundscape by weaving in their own brand of ambience and death metal. An ethereal avalanche that will consume you as the ghostly melodies carry the listener into a wave of dissonant bliss. Accompanied with unrelenting drums and devastating vocals, THE DARK ALAMORTE will leave you in what feels like a haunting memory.


Track listing

  1. The Inner Quiet
  2. Cast into Froth
  3. Gowns of Undying Light
  4. Vongrimson Burrows
  5. A Loathing Tomb
  6. Glasshaven
  7. Tempest Barren Furor
  8. Inmergo Dominium
  9. Antediluvian Revelation
  10. Infernal Judgement
  11. Ungiving Sorrow
  12. Tusk in the Abyss
  13. Fearfeeder
  14. Scourge of Fire
  15. Lunacrium Thepsis