The Dead - Ritual Executions (CD)

The Dead - Ritual Executions (CD)

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Brutal death metal from Australia! Originally self-released in 2009, this CD reissue was released in July, 2010.

Ritual Executions is like a virulent mutation of doom/sludge and old school death metal; think very generally along the lines of early ELECTRIC WIZARD meets AUTOPSY with gaps bridged by early Stockholm Swede-death, INCANTATION (well, sort of), and GODFLESH minimalism, which still doesn't quite describe it. More to the point, it is 47 minutes across seven often lengthy / stoner-jammy tracks of encrusted, stripped down death metal and sludgy/doomy plod that pops, sizzles, buzzes, and fuzzes through what might as well be vintage tube amps on the verge of blowing. It is the sound of acid melting flesh, hammers bashings skulls, and air being forced through bong water, led by resin-coated subterranean death vocals and accented with coked up, sadistic screams.


Track listing

  1. Burn Your Dead
  2. Cannibal Abottoir
  3. Centurion
  4. Born In A Grave
  5. Ritual Executions
  6. Blood Angel
  7. Death Metal Suicide


Ritual Executions is Death metal enriched with groove, a slightly drugged-out atmosphere, lavish and trippy solos and a heavy load of Doom for good measure. - 4/5