The Disrupters - Gas the Punx (CD) The Disrupters - Gas the Punx (CD)

The Disrupters - Gas the Punx (CD)

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23 track retrospective of the finest 80s anarcho-punk. Includes 7 previously unreleased tracks and a 12-page booklet including a detailed band history by vocalist Steve Hansell.


Track listing

  1. Rot in Hell
  2. Sharing the Blame
  3. Nice Day for a Hanging
  4. Norvic the Clown / Gas the Punx
  5. Young Offender
  6. Give Me a Rush
  7. Dead on Arrival
  8. Animal Farm
  9. I'm Still Here
  10. Shelters for the Rich
  11. The Arse End of the Establishment
  12. Legal Assault
  13. Retribution
  14. Windscale Cheeseburger
  15. Late Night Shoplifting
  16. Princess Anne Leper
  17. Stonehenge
  18. The Evil Dead
  19. Norman Tebbit / Rich Whore
  20. Dead in the Head
  21. Bomb Heaven
  22. Pigs in Blue
  23. Napalm