The Earls of Mars - The Earls of Mars (CD)

The Earls of Mars - The Earls of Mars (CD)

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Experimental rock with members from the UK doom scene. Debut album.


Track listing

  1. Poor Whores' Petition
  2. The Swinger
  3. The Astronomer Pig
  4. Cornelius Itchybah
  5. Otto the Magnificent
  6. The Ballad of Ben Ayre
  7. The Last Glass Eye-Maker
  8. Some Place
  9. The Mirrored Staircase
  10. Mr Osbornes' Hazelnuts

Review album that features strong compositions, great performances both in terms of musicianship and vocals and a top notch production to bind all those stuff in a great and nice bundle. If you are into the extraordinary and you look for something less conventional and more experimental allow THE EARLS OF MARS to invade your musical realm. - 5/5