The Faces of Babalon (Paperback Book) The Faces of Babalon (Paperback Book)

The Faces of Babalon (Paperback Book)

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by Mishlen Linden (Editor)

Babalon is, and always has been, a Woman of Power. This book is a collaboration written by women of power incarnate. To Linda Falario an essence of Babalon is the warrior. To Soror Chen, a self invoked Babalon can lead women to "a world which reflects the gifts of woman's genius". To Mishlen Linden, Babalon is the Priestess, The Woman of Power. The Babalon of Raven Greywalker is the Sacred Prostitute. Nema voices both appreciation of Babalon as an image of the female principal and articulates a problematic one dimensional aspect of this sacred figure which keeps Her essence in the realm of duality. In these essays, past Babalons are addressed in Chen and Nema's articles and present Babalons are attended to in the articles by Falorio, Raven, and Mishlen.

Kiss the Sky!: On Channeling Babalon, by Linda Falorio
Failed Babalons, by Soror Chen
Playing With Fire: The Training of Babalon, by Mishlen Linden
A Double Vision of Babalon, by Nema
Notes of a Professional Babalon, by Raven Greywalker