The Great Old Ones - Cosmicism (Digipak CD)

The Great Old Ones - Cosmicism (Digipak CD)

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Channelling the spirit and literary heritage of author H.P. Lovecraft, French atmospheric black metallers THE GREAT OLD ONES return with their most impressive work to date. Cosmicism lures the listener deeper into darkness with lyrics inspired by Lovecraft layered over haunting and intricate, beautiful and twisted melodies, ultimately encompassing them with madness. Just listen and you will find out what awaits down there.


Track listing

  1. Cosmic Depths
  2. The Omniscient
  3. Of Dementia
  4. Lost Carcosa
  5. A Thousand Young
  6. Dreams of the Nuclear Chaos
  7. Nyarlathotep


Whether it's the grisly grandeur and hypnotic, hyper-speed intensity of The Omniscient, whose nine-and-a-half minutes seem to stretch and dilate in defiance of all natural laws, the stunningly malevolent, yet shamelessly majestic, melodies of Of Dementia, or the doom-laden denouement of Nylarthotep, Cosmicism contains some of the most engaging, engrossing, and viscerally compelling material of the band's career. - 5/5