The House of Capricorn - Morning Star Rise (CD)

The House of Capricorn - Morning Star Rise (CD)

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Morning Star Rise is the third full length from THE HOUSE OF CAPRICORN, an apocalyptic devil rock troupe from New Zealand. Within its nine tracks of doomed rock n roll, the album encapsulates the last three years of THE HOUSE OF CAPRICORN's infernal service. Manifested at the bottom of the world, Morning Star Rise is an unholy, antipodean hymn to a looming end, all in the blinding light of the Devil. Drawing from the rowdy darkness of BABYLON WHORES, the gloom of TYPE O NEGATIVE, and all kinds of scathing black metal, the record is a culmination of rich influences and pitch black aesthetics, all presented in lurching rock n roll form with honest, hellish intent.


Track listing

  1. The Road to Hell is Marked
  2. In the Light of Lucifer
  3. Our Shrouded King
  4. Ashlands
  5. The Only Star in the Sky
  6. Ivory Crown
  7. Watching Angels Fall
  8. Covenant's Ark
  9. Dragon of Revelations


Nine songs of praise are played with deadly precision. These guys are masters of their instruments and the sound they have chosen is a perfect fit to the music... Morning Star Rise is unlike any other album out there and I think anyone into any form of heavy music should give this a listen, I know I will play this regularly. - 5/5