The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands (CD) The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands (CD)

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands (CD)

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Judging by the inclusion of one borderline-chaos piece, "Fall," the brainbusting din that made Psychocandy so incredible has not been banished forever. But in helping the band control its distortion habit, coproducer Bill Price gives the affecting material precedence over what was heretofore, to some, a distracting presentation. The paradox of simple tunes bathed in cacophony may have originally generated notoriety for the group; the strength of these enticing songs from the dark side is reason enough to stay excited.


Track listing

  1. Darklands
  2. Deep One Perfect Morning
  3. Happy When It Rains
  4. Down On Me
  5. Nine Million Rainy Days
  6. April Skies
  7. Fall
  8. Cherry Came Too
  9. On the Wall
  10. About You


...hardly eligible for sunny commercial airplay, not quite as flailing as the earliest efforts -- but, from a distance, this is an appealing, enjoyable record. - 4/5