The Meads of Asphodel - The Murder of Jesus the Jew (CD)

The Meads of Asphodel - The Murder of Jesus the Jew (CD)

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The brand new album The Murder of Jesus The Jew details the historical life of Jesus (Yeshua) the Jewish rabbi who was slaughtered on a tree by the Romans on a cold winters day 2000 years ago, and thereafter his people condemned to be pariahs of the earth due to Christian hatred. It is ironic that the Jewish roots of the Christian church have been erased and the blame of their man-god's death cruelly placed upon a people already broken by the yoke of Roman imperialism. Truth is often blinded by faith, none more so than the story of Jesus and his maligned people.


Track listing

  1. Boiled in Hell Broth and Grave Dust (Intro)
  2. My Psychotic Sand Deity
  3. Apocalypse of Lazarus
  4. Addicted to God
  5. Stiller of Tempests
  6. Man from Kerioth
  7. Dark Gethsemane
  8. Jew Killer
  9. Genesis of Death
  10. From Eagle to Cross
  11. Apostle of the Uncircumcised
  12. A Canticle for the Lost Amputees of Aelia Capitolina Who Have Been Trampled Under the Iron Shod Hooves of Salivating Hell Rams and Impaled on the Shimmering Tusks of Salvation Within the Abandoned Tabernacle of a Bronze Age Myth


You can approach this album in two ways and enjoy the music on it simplistically or go the whole hog and immerse yourself in the historical side, the religious debate and of course read that Codex. This is a bold album and one that many would expect being the sort of thing that few would attempt and those doing so would only tackle as a final legacy at the end of their career. - 5/5