The Profane - Chaosbreed (CD)

The Profane - Chaosbreed (CD)

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In a glass of whiskey blends angryness, fat guitars, rock 'n' roll, some HC influences, catchy riffs, a dirty voice and pure metal attitude, shake strongly and enjoy at one shot... the result? Hell Yeahhh!! a total honest album to blow you away, this is "Choasbreed" by the Profane, the perfect soundtrack to the craziest evil drunken party. Recorded at Covenant Productions and mastered at world famous Platinum Studios (METALLICA, RATT, MOTLEY CRUE, WASP), "Chaosbreed" is undoubtly a strong debut offering fresh blood to the metal community. So get cool, open a bottle, push play and prepare to have a f***ing great time!!


Track listing

  1. Drowning Shit
  2. I Hate You
  3. Sinfest
  4. Cemetery of Living
  5. Road to Hell
  6. Profanes
  7. God Hates Rock n Roll
  8. I Wanna Kill the...
  9. Death's Squad
  10. Mr. Badness
  11. The End Is Near