The Raincoats - Odyshape (CD) The Raincoats - Odyshape (CD)

The Raincoats - Odyshape (CD)

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The classic second-album from post-punk pioneering group THE RAINCOATS.

The title was a pun on the odyssey of a body. The idea that a body could have an ideal shape and it if did, what happens when a body doesn't live up to that ideal. It was at a time, when (as probably now) there seemed to be a body fascism. It was important for women to be this shape or that shape.


Track listing

  1. Shouting Out Loud
  2. Family Treet
  3. Only Loved At Night
  4. Dancing In My Head
  5. Odyshape
  6. And Then It's O.K.
  7. Baby Song
  8. Red Shoes
  9. Go Away


Post-punk outfit's ambitious second LP of 1981 should be considered a classic... If The Raincoats' beautifully scrappy self-titled debut seemed to hail from a different territory than most of its post-punk peers, then its follow-up, 1981's Odyshape, was from an entirely different planet. While the first album had employed a traditional guitar/bass/drums set-up bolstered by the plaintive and dissonant violin of Vicky Aspinall, Odyshape added instruments such as balophone, shruti box and kalimba to the band's panoply. - 5/5