The Red King - Vitreolvm (Digipak CD)

The Red King - Vitreolvm (Digipak CD)

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Corvus Corax mastermind Johann Bran Cleereman presents his alchemical, neoclassical side project entitled "THE RED KING". The music is ominous, mysterious and orchestral, coloured with Johann's haunting, emotional vocals. This will take many a soul to another magical dimension. Vitreolvm comes in a limited edition digipak with the beautiful artwork and layout created by Madeline Von Foerster. Four, theatrical, grandiose and mysterious tracks clocking in at over 45 minutes.


Track listing

  1. Materia Prima
  2. Visita Interiora Terrae
  3. Rectificadoque Invienes Occultum Lapidem
  4. Veram Medicinam