The The - Soul Mining (CD)

The The - Soul Mining (CD)

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THE THE are an English post-punk/new wave group that formed in 1977. Initially influenced by bands such as THROBBING GRISTLE, they played shows with WIRE, CABARET VOLTAIRE, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY and others during the late 70's and early 80's.


Track listing

  1. I've Been Waiting for Tomorrow (All of My Life)
  2. This Is the Day
  3. The Sinking Feeling
  4. Uncertain Smile
  5. The Twilight Hour
  6. Soul Mining
  7. GIANT

Review of the most overlooked U.K. bands of the 80's. Soul Mining was easily the best album Johnson ever recorded, and contains some of the richest new wave to ever come out of the U.K., period. - 5/5