The True Werwolf - Death Music (2016 Reissue) (CD)

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Anthology of raw Finnish black metal by Werwolf (SATANIC WARMASTER)!

This CD collects material from various EPs released between 2007 and 2012:

Vampyric Magick (2013)
Battlemoon (2011)
A Shadow of All Evil (2011 split with BLACK MISERY)
Weeping Lord of the Majestic Plagues (2007)


Track listing

  1. Vampyric Magick
  2. Malevolent Ascension
  3. Kreaturen der Nacht
  4. Arkut
  5. My Journeys Under the Battlemoon
  6. The Grandeur of Death's Palace
  7. Bats Crawl from My Tower
  8. Buried, yet Mourning
  9. Weeping Lord of the Majestic Plagues
  10. In a Dark Dream


This might not be a proper full-length (Technically, The True Werwolf has yet to release a debut album), but it serves a similar purpose, offering forth a grand total of ten songs from the band's various vinyl EPs, clocking in at a very impressive 60 minutes. 'Death Music' isn't consistently brilliant the whole way through, but it's still a fantastic journey that for the most part showcases superb chamber Black Metal of the very highest calibre. - 5/5