Thergothon - Stream from the Heavens (2009 Reissue) (CD)

Thergothon - Stream from the Heavens (2009 Reissue) (CD)

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THERGOTHON, from Finland, was formed in late 1990 by Niko Skorpio Sirkiä (vocals, keyboard), Jori Sjöroos (drums) and Mikko Ruotsalainen (guitar). They started life as a death metal act, progressing to slow, seriously heavy doom metal, later becoming classified as pure sadness & despair in musical form. In early 1991 they recruited a local friend Sami Kaveri as a second guitarist & it was in November 1991 that the Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth demo tape was recorded, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. In Autumn 1992 THERGOTHON started recording their debut album, Stream from the Heavens. Two tracks from the Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth demo were reworked & recorded for this release. Non-metal influences including prog, goth, ambient & experimental music helped to shape the band?s sound & atmosphere further. THERGOTHON disbanded in 1993, before the eventual 1994 release of Stream From the Heavens though over the years the band has earned a cult status in the underground through this single album. In the mid-later part of the 90's the Funeral Doom genre emerged. THERGOTHON was deemed as one of the originators of the sound and style and an important cornerstone for the whole genre.


Track listing

  1. Everlasting
  2. Yet the Watchers Guard
  3. The Unknown Kadath in the Cold Waste
  4. Elemental
  5. Who Rides the Astral Wings
  6. Crying Blood + Crimson Snow