Those Who Bring the Torture - Tank Gasmask Ammo (CD)

Those Who Bring the Torture - Tank Gasmask Ammo (CD)

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A filthy spectacular display of an album that reeks of what the forefathers of this genre manifested in the early years, THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE lucidly brought it up to another level, filled with the perfect dosage of death metal, grind and a colossal amount of groove; enough to leave the listener tasting regurgitation in their own mouth and yet filled with delight. Tank Gasmask Ammo is probably the ultimate marriage of current groove-grind that putrid like ABORTED and early gore-grind that stinks of an aroma like CARCASS.


Track listing

  1. Napalm God
  2. Mutant Slut
  3. All Hail the Goat (Lord of Great Mutation)
  4. Tank Gasmask Ammo
  5. Celebrating Gamma Bliss
  6. Riders on the Mushroomcloud
  7. Expecting a Search - Visibly Hiding the Flesh
  8. When Humans and Axes Collide
  9. You Should Be Brutally Slaughtered
  10. Upon the Bonethrone
  11. Reveler in Rot
  12. Ionizing Rapture Altering Tissue
  13. Radiation Blessed


An exercise in traditional death metal mayhem devoid of any of these lifeless technical experiments that so many are obsessed with today. - 5/5