Throat - We Must Leave You (CD) Throat - We Must Leave You (CD)

Throat - We Must Leave You (CD)

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Breakups always require dramatic music and We Must Leave You more than fits the purpose. THROAT have already hinted at new directions and new sounds on their previous two albums, but here it all breaks loose. Rooted in the same heavy, dark rock sound as always, but a touch of gothic drama from the 80s has been injected to the band's sonic palette which obviously means a few deeper shades of black. The noise and dissonance remains, but this time it all has been dipped in honey and black grease paint.


Track listing

  1. Negative Lite
  2. Heaven Hanged
  3. The Transaction
  4. Trespassing
  5. Hearsay Or Heresy
  6. Tiny Golden Murder
  7. Valedictory