Throneum - Morbid Death Tales (Cassette)

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THRONEUM was formed in the deepest dungeons of Hell back in 1996. Influenced by thousands of '80s and early '90s death and black metal, THRONEUM is one of the most well-known pure underground bands to hail from Poland. They should need no further introduction for most true blackened death metal fans, but Morbid Death Tales is nevertheless a mighty and more-than-worthy introduction to the band's signature style of rabid, righteous filth. Hideous and horrific, Morbid Death Tales is more than justifiably titled.


Track listing

  1. Darkness of Another Circle (I)
  2. Darkness of Another Circle (II)
  3. Darkness of Another Circle (III)
  4. Inner Eye... Fallen Asleep
  5. The Great Project of Satan
  6. Coincidentia Oppositorum
  7. Withered Weeds
  8. The Starry Dust Inside Me
  9. Belial
  10. Cacus
  11. Psalm18(17)1


The manic, relentless 'Belial' is a raw highlight, as is the creepier fuzz of 'Cacus'. Throneum's atmosphere generation is excellent, creating this thick fog within which lurks this frenzied beast, slavering for blood. Each song is a clawing, flailing, infectious beast, dripping with bile and toxic fumes. There isn't anything original here, nor any progression from previous works, but that's exactly the point. Throneum are deliberately one dimensional, and that dimension consists of pure evil. This record is excellent, and well worth your time! - 4/5