Tiamat - The Astral Sleep (2017 Reissue) (Cassette)

Tiamat - The Astral Sleep (2017 Reissue) (Cassette)

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Limited cassette reissue. Includes bonus tracks from A Winter Shadow EP, 1990.


Track listing

  1. Neo Aeon
  2. Lady Temptress
  3. Mountain Of Doom
  4. Dead Boys' Choir
  5. Sumerian Cry (Part III)
  6. On Golden Wings
  7. Ancient Entity
  8. The Southernmost Voyage
  9. Angels Far Beyond
  10. I Am The King (...Of Dreams)
  11. A Winter Shadow
  12. The Seal
  13. A Winter Shadow
  14. Ancient Entity


Sweden's Tiamat displayed an incredible learning curve in the year after their debut, resulting in 1991's excellent The Astral Sleep. - 4/5

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