To Hell and Back Again: Part I: My Black Metal Story (Norway: 1991-1993) (Paperback Book)

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Formed 1991 in Bergen, Norway

by Varg Vikernes

Indeed, you are reading my spell of destruction...
This is the true story about the Black Metal scene in Norway, and also my story.

Dive into pure chaos with Varg Vikernes, a key figure in black metal, as he talks about the rebellion of the Norwegian black metal scene from 1991 to 1993.
Vikernes provides a unique insider perspective on the birth and evolution of the Norwegian black metal movement.
Explore the shocking stories of notorious musicians, church burnings and the intense ideological struggles that defined this subculture.
Feel the raw intensity and unapologetic authenticity as Vikernes reflects on his personal experiences. Understand the background for the profound impact of Norwegian black metal on global music and culture. Gain a deep understanding of the mindset that fueled the movement and its lasting influence on the metal genre.
Immerse yourself in the story of the Norwegian black metal scene by grabbing a copy of Varg Vikernes' book. Uncover the secrets, controversies, and the rebellious Pagan spirit that shaped an era in heavy metal history.