Toil - Lullabies for Insects (CD)

Toil - Lullabies for Insects (CD)

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New miniCD by USBM solo project TOIL! The material for this release was recorded in 2007 and includes two new black metal tracks, an ambient / drone track and an obscure cover of THE CURE's Love Song!

Full colour booklet. The disc is a 3"cd with extra transparent outer layer (making it regular CD sized) professionally manufactured. Limited to 1000.

Tracks 1 & 3 include Wraith (NAZXUL) on keyboard. Track 4's vocals are by X.


Track listing

  1. Moth with Fractured Wings
  2. Sunlight on the Larvae
  3. Porcelain Maggots
  4. Love Song (The Cure cover)


...if you thoroughly enjoyed Amesouer's first EP, or are a fan of the new shoegaze type black metal bands or even just suicidal black metal bands, get this EP cause it's surprisingly good. - 5/5