Tormentium - Bound to the Depths (Cassette)

Tormentium - Bound to the Depths (Cassette)

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Bound To The Depths is a large body of work with a loose subjective theme: where the "depths" represents something different in each piece... your inner demons, desires, convictions, and damnations. The lyrics are mainly story-like narratives, reflecting these themes through characters, and ultimately reflecting metaphorically through the listener. The album as a whole flows like a story as well, guiding the listener through the aether of darkness to events of rage, insanity, and sacrifice.


Track listing

  1. Bound to the Depths
  2. Black Womb
  3. Melody Vitriol
  4. Fallen (in Defiance)
  5. Requiem Within
  6. Coils 1: Void of Muse
  7. Coils 2: Plunging Vast Unknown
  8. Coils 3: Behind the Skin