Tortorum - Extinctionist (Digipak CD)

Tortorum - Extinctionist (Digipak CD)

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Norwegian / UK collaborative debut album, nine hymns of furious and savage black metal! Members: Skyggen (Guitars - ex-THUNDERBOLT, DEAD TO THIS WORLD, ex-VELES, ex-SWASTYKA, live GORGOROTH), Barghest (Vocals - SPEARHEAD), and Erik (Drums - ex-GORGOROTH, ex-AETERNUS). Recorded May 2011, Conclave Studio, Bergen, Norway.


Track listing

  1. Aeonscourge
  2. In Pestilence Majesty
  3. Grace of Hatred
  4. All Mercy Devoured
  5. Kindling the World Conflagration
  6. Fucking Worthless
  7. Gloria in Extinction
  8. Mother Infirmity
  9. For the Ruin of All


They have the rockish feel of Darkthrone and raw aggression of Gorgoroth and the general cold vibe often found in Bergen based bands. However, some of the more eerie riffs also remind me of the French band Aosoth. - 4/5

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