Toxik Death - Speed Metal Hell (CD)

Toxik Death - Speed Metal Hell (CD)

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Taking their influences from the early to mid eighties speed and thrash metal of Germany and South America in particular and adding a very potent mix of something very foul, nasty and completely their own, TOXIK DEATH ups the ante on how vital and authentic oldschool thrash can be in an age where plastic, pitch perfect and piss poor seems to be the order of the day. Never mind what year it is - Speed Metal Hell awaits!


Track listing

  1. Infernal Vicious Attack
  2. Metal Possessed
  3. Thrashforces of Evil
  4. Sergeant of the Wasteland
  5. D-Beat Destructor
  6. Speed Metal Hell
  7. TerrorSexSlaughter
  8. Highway Warrior
  9. Satanic Sacrifice
  10. Malicious Assassin


Hints of Kreator, Deathhammer, and Sacrifice abound as the song unchains metallic riff after metallic riff. Toxik Death's debut is an exercise in rabid underground thrash. Speed Metal Hell is foaming at the mouth with grit, mayhem and a violent passion for METAL! - 5/5