Trancelike Void - Destroying Something Beautiful (CD)

Trancelike Void - Destroying Something Beautiful (CD)

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Son of the hallucinated introspection, nights longer than life, wandering in a cemetery soul. This project is a poisoned chemistry of depressive black metal and hypnotic negativity. Don't expect anyway today's bed-room bands but real project instrumentally human of an individual tremendously aware of the material limits and the body-cage. Let the void manifest. Those who are into the early SHINING material will submit to this self-destruction.


Track listing

  1. Prelude: Descent
  2. Part I: Everything Fails
  3. Interlude I: Daydream
  4. Part II: Fragile Consciousness
  5. Interlude II: Nightmare
  6. Part III: Total Desolation
  7. Epilogue: Escape


Of the seven tracks, four are instrumentals, and they introduce the three parts. These compositions are made of calmer moments, composed on clean guitars and a touch of atmospheric keyboards. Some words are included on "Epilogue: Escape". The three parts are more of the rawer style, with the highly distorted riffs/arpeggios, subdued drums and bass and ghostly rasps. These songs are lengthier (8-11 minutes) compared to the much shorter 2-3 minute instrumentals. They are also simple, repetitive, hypnotic, and no blast beats or double basses can be heard. Instead, a more appropriate cemetery/doom mid pace was rightly chosen as a mean to "destroy something beautiful". - 4/5