Tribazik - All Blood is Red (CD)

Tribazik - All Blood is Red (CD)

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After two European tours supporting Killing Joke, TRIBAZIK release their debut album All Blood Is Red. Mixed by Andy Gill (Gang Of Four) and featuring the voice of Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) on 'Molten', this body of work is an energetic journey through government conspiracies and life beyond the physical realm. All Blood is Red was produced and recorded by TRIBAZIK at Skyride Studios, North London and mixed by Andy Gill of Gang of Four (and producer for many albums by artists including The Futureheads, The Jesus Lizard and Michael Hutchence) in his central London studio - the Beauchamp Building. The TRIBAZIK trio was born in 2004. Inspired by an eclectic taste in music, their aim is to create a chunky, energetic sound with REAL organic drums and bass, electro/acid noises and solid minimal guitar and to blast it out LIVE! All samples are played LIVE (triggered from pads around the drum kit) and include vocal chants, acid lines, industrial thuds, caustic pulses and sirens. These, accompanied by freestyle bass, heavy groove/melodic guitar and manic drums, create the high-energy idiosyncratic TRIBAZIK sound. TRIBAZIK have supported Killing Joke on two European tours and headlined various gigs in the U.K. They intend to play every corner of the earth and are all set for blast-off. They have built up a dedicated fan base and an experienced crew consisting of stage, lighting, visuals and their very own sound guy who has worked with Placebo, The Prodigy and more recently, Jay-Z. Tribazik's live show is a unifying sensual experience. Enigmatic images are projected behind the band in sync with the music, drawing on the potent lyrics. Having heard the instrumental version of Molten, Jaz Coleman (legendary singer from Killing Joke) was keen to add his take on the TRIBAZIK sound. In April last year, he came over to Tribazik's studio in North London to lay down the vocals. The Molten music video (available on an EPK on request) is an apocalyptic mix of live action and animation.


Track listing

  1. False Flag
  2. Small Are We
  3. Smokescreen
  4. Warning Has Broken
  5. Molten (Feat. Jaz Coleman)
  6. As Above, So Below
  7. Paralyser
  8. Freefall
  9. As If
  10. Speak Through Us