Triumfall - Antithesis of All Flesh (CD)

Triumfall - Antithesis of All Flesh (CD)

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TRIUMFALL's main goal is to play fast and aggressive, but yet melodic and atmospheric black metal, and also to express their beliefs and attitudes that thrive from the darkest mysteries of the left hand path. The band's spiritual quintessence is the one with the aesthetics of the darkside. Glorification of Darkness and Death is not a matter of free choice, but a self-consciousness outcome of the rebellious spirits and purity of the black hearts.


Track listing

  1. Atrium Mortis
  2. One with the Darkside Eternal
  3. Allegiance to Thy Fall
  4. Omega Overcasts the Presence
  5. Rise of Pantheon
  6. Skies Are the Chains
  7. Within Their Midnight
  8. The Final Purification