Troll - Neo-Satanic Supremacy (CD) Troll - Neo-Satanic Supremacy (CD)

Troll - Neo-Satanic Supremacy (CD)

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Following a long sabbatical, the cult band TROLL emerges from the blackened Norwegian mist. The legendary formation revolving around frontman Nagash (ex DIMMU BORGIR, THE KOVENANT) returns to pay homage to the true black metal genre. Raging infernal blastbeats, chilling guitar riffs, cold menacing keyboard melodies, and demonic vocals shape TROLL's sound to create a pitch-black atmosphere that can only come straight from the depths of hell. Neo-Satanic Supremacy comprises 10 hymns to the Horned One and delivers an early highlight for the new dark year ahead.


Track listing

  1. Til helvete med alt
  2. Alt for Satan
  3. Gå til krig
  4. Burn the Witch
  5. Mørkets skoger
  6. Hvor tåken ligger så trist og grå
  7. Neo-Satanic Supremacy
  8. At the Gates of Hell
  9. Smertens rike
  10. The Age of Satan


A real surprise listen, this is not what was expected from Troll at all. The album title says it all, Satanic Supremacy it is, a welcomed return to a fine Norwegian band often forgotten, but proving that they are a force to be reckoned with in 2010. - 5/5