Tulus - Biography Obscene (CD)

Tulus - Biography Obscene (CD)

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TULUS' fourth full length album, from 2007. Norwegian black metal becoming more experimental.


Track listing

  1. Prelude
  2. Natal Day
  3. Stories Untold
  4. Victim
  5. Chamber's Disgust
  6. Allow no Light
  7. Morbid Curiosity
  8. Demise
  9. Biography Obscene
  10. Torches Quenched


Tulus sounds rather original, just like it is often the case with Norwegian acts. Since I'm rather open minded and always looking forward to hear something new and refreshing, happy was I to listen to Biography Obscene. Indeed, this Nordic band adds to their dark, varying paces a type of thrashy black metal with thrilling guitar work and some adventurous elements. You can witness some sort of theatrical female vocals, progressive time signatures, piano and keyboards, even a church organ on the closing track, acoustic and classical guitars, cello, violin, horns and saxophone. - 4/5