Tumulus - Live Balkan Path (CD)

Tumulus - Live Balkan Path (CD)

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In 2006, after the release of their first two LPs, TUMULUS started the "Folk Art Path" tour playing in Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria. This live CD was recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria, May 9th.
An hour in total, the set includes 10 original songs with three covers of BATHORY, SCALD, and KOROZY.
A good live sound originally which has also been studio mixed. The CD also contains a video "The Other Path".


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Коло оплетая
  3. Внегда
  4. Tower of Birds
  5. Средокресiе
  6. Во лузех (Омутково ляды)
  7. Наговор на завет
  8. Gods of Thunder of Wind and of Rain (Bathory cover)
  9. In the Open Sea (Scald cover)
  10. Явiр
  11. Одолень-трава
  12. Within the Soul of Autumn (Korozy cover)
  13. Меж ра-рек