Tumulus - Winter Wood (CD)

Tumulus - Winter Wood (CD)

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TUMULUS was formed in 1997 by members of Russian viking/doom band SCALD after the singer Agyl died. "Winter Wood" is the debut album, released in 2004 after two demos. Progressive folk metal with female and male vocals. Marina Sokolova (Sedmaya Voda - Russian folk) provides her distinct guest vocals on two tracks. 12 page full colour booklet.


Track listing

  1. Стинь
  2. Одолень-трава
  3. Явiр
  4. Морок узрев
  5. Крада
  6. The Thread
  7. Там, где жили свиристели
  8. Во лузех (Омутково ляды)
  9. Ресноты сонть...
  10. Winter Wood
  11. Оберег