Tusmorke - Riset Bak Speilet (CD)

Tusmorke - Riset Bak Speilet (CD)

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Norwegian group Tusmörke (Twilight) is a strange beast. With roots streching deep into the Scandinavian neo-progressive rock underground of the early nineties. The identical Momrak twins recorded a Tusmörke demo in 1997 but soon put the band on hiatus for several years. Tusmorke returned in 2009 with a full electric lineup and the debut album Underjordisk Tusmorke appeared three years later.
May 2014 sees the dark minstrels return with a sophomore album Riset Bak Speilet (The Birch Behind The Looking Glass). A 50-minute transmission from the heart of the darkest northern forests, the album skillfully channels the spirit of classic British acid folk rock and soaks it in a black witches cauldron. The spellbinding concoction is at times reminiscent of classic acts like JETHRO TULL and INCREDIBLE STRING band, and also not entirely far off from modern forest magicians such as HEXVESSEL and WOLF PEOPLE.


Track listing

  1. Offerpresten
  2. Gamle Aker Kirke
  3. Black Swift
  4. All is Lost
  5. Riset Bak Speilet


The pastoral edge of their sound is very much in fitting with that whimsical Canterbury thang, but there is a baroque, medieval side to Tusmørke too that brings The Incredible String Band, and occasionally Gentle Giant, to mind - which, as far as I'm concerned - is sure as hell no bad thing. Admirers of Svart stablemates Hexvessel and where-are-they-now British oddballs Circulus will find much to dig into herein for sure. - 5/5