Twilight of the Gods - Fire on the Mountain (Digipak CD)

Twilight of the Gods - Fire on the Mountain (Digipak CD)

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TWILIGHT OF THE GODS has arrived to claim its place in the hallowed hall of heavy metal elite! The band, a legitimate super group featuring Alan Averill (PRIMORDIAL), Nick Barker (ex-CRADLE OF FILTH, ex-DIMMU BORGIR, ex-TESTAMENT, ex-EXODUS), Rune Eriksen (AURA NOIR, AVA INFERI, ex-MAYHEM), Patrik Lindgren (THYRFING), and Frode Glesnes (EINHERJER) deliver one of this centuries most compelling, classic heavy metal albums with its debut Fire on the Mountain. Truly classic metal through and through, Fire on the Mountain is flush with epic galloping riffs, memorable calls-to-arms, and the tough, street-ready attitude of men on a mission. Raise your horns, wield your leather and steel, and battle towards Valhalla with TWILIGHT OF THE GODS!


Track listing

  1. Destiny Forged in Blood
  2. Children of Cain
  3. Fire on the Mountain (1683)
  4. Preacher Man
  5. Sword of Damocles
  6. The End of History
  7. At Dawn We Ride


This album could fit alongside the likes of Manilla Road and Virgin Steele without looking out of place, but it could also sit nicely beside Hammerheart. If you dig traditional heavy metal with a penchant for epic song structures, check this out. - 4/5