Twilight - Twilight (2018 Reissue) (LP)

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Often described as a "black metal supergroup", TWILIGHT has featured in its ranks, at one point or another, members of XASTHUR, DRAUGAR, KRIEG, LEVIATHAN, LURKER OF CHALICE, MINSK, NACHTMYSTIUM, OLD MAN GLOOM, & SONIC YOUTH. Through the band's diverse cast of musicians, they broke out of the traditional black metal blueprint, opening the style up to broader interpretation with a deft artistic vision.

TWILIGHT'S self-titled debut clearly bows to the Scandinavian genre icons of the 90ies, yet with an attempt to radicalize it even more, pushing the genre to its boundaries. Relentlessly hypnotic drum patterns, eerie sawing tremolo guitars and anguish ridden vocals - paired with a filthy, almost low-fi production, occasional sparks of beautiful melodies and vast atmospheres that make this record a terrifying, yet cathartic experience.

Originally released by Total Holocaust Records in 2005, today, this special reissued vinyl edition features completely new and original cover artwork by Jef Whitehead (LEVIATHAN / LURKER OF CHALICE).


Track listing

  1. Woe is the Contagion
  2. Exact Agony, Take Life
  3. Larval Liaise
  4. As the March of Worms
  5. Winter Before
  6. White Fire Under Black Text
  7. Hopeless Etheride
  8. Swollen Voices in Silence
  9. Beyond Light (Beautiful and Malignant)