Twilight - Twilight / Monument to Time End (Digibook 2CD)

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2CD hardcover book (18x18 cm, 36 pages) incl. 5 bonus tracks.

Often described as a "black metal supergroup", TWILIGHT has featured in its ranks, at one point or another, members of XASTHUR, DRAUGAR, KRIEG, LEVIATHAN, LURKER OF CHALICE, MINSK, NACHTMYSTIUM, OLD MAN GLOOM, & SONIC YOUTH. Through the band's diverse cast of musicians, they broke out of the traditional black metal blueprint, opening the style up to broader interpretation with a deft artistic vision.

The self-titled debut clearly bows to the Scandinavian genre icons of the 90ies, yet with an attempt to radicalize it even more, pushing the genre to its boundaries. Relentlessly hypnotic drum patterns, eerie sawing tremolo guitars and anguish ridden vocals - paired with a filthy, almost low-fi production, occasional sparks of beautiful melodies and vast atmospheres that make this record a terrifying, yet cathartic experience.

Sophomore, "Monument to Time End", features vastly epic tracks through a genre-crossing approach and cast. Flattered by a transparent, warm yet powerful production, the record still follows an overall black metal aesthetic, although flirts with elements of postrock, doom, industrial and all sorts of aural psychedelia. Enhanced by supreme, utterly creative performances on all instruments, and elaborate layering, this record could be seen as visionary. One might say they perform post black metal by its most literal meaning, before it became a genre.

Today, Prophecy reissues the debut and sophomore recordings from this U.S. black metal collective via a double CD hard cover Artbook, that is double-sided, containing two different stories (you read one side, then flip the book over and read the other one). 36 pages featuring expanded unseen personal photos, detailed liner notes, 5 bonus tracks, along with completely new and original cover artworks by Jef Whitehead (Leviathan / Lurker Of Chalice).

"From such a haphazard beginning: recording in apartments and hotel rooms with nothing but the intent to create something together into a coherent work-space with a (somewhat) more coherent vision, Twilight's first two records represent a strange and uneasy time in all of our lives spurred on by personal growth and personal misfortune," comments vocalist / bassist Neill Jameson (aka N. Imperial), who infamous mostly for his work with US Black Metal pioneers Krieg. Further he states, going more into detail "With the self-titled record's boots firmly planted in the mud of black metal we didn't set out to reinvent the wheel nor create something you'd need a fucking manifesto to understand, just an expression of what black metal meant to each of us. 'Monument...' saw that intent shift as we had more tools at our disposal and less interest in fitting into a scene that was showing early signs of breaking down into the fragmented mess it's become. While neither of these records are perfect by any means they show how the smallest spark could bring us together and how that spark would turn into a fire which tempered and molded us."


Track listing

  1. Woe is the Contagion
  2. Exact Agony, Take Life
  3. Larval Liaise
  4. As the March of Worms
  5. Winter Before
  6. White Fire Under Black Text
  7. Hopeless Etheride
  8. Swollen Voices in Silence
  9. Beyond Light (Beautiful and Malignant)
  10. The Cryptic Ascension
  11. Fall Behind Eternity
  12. 8,000 Years
  13. Red Fields
  14. Convulsions in Wells of Fever
  15. Decaying Observer
  16. The Catastrophe Exhibition
  17. Negative Signal Omega