Tyranny - In Times of Tyranny (CD)

Tyranny - In Times of Tyranny (CD)

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Comes in jewel case and card slipcover with logo imprint.
The band was founded by Januar in 1998. The intention was to play fast, pure and extreme steel in the vein of the old heroes like VENOM, CELTIC FROST or SODOM. The name of the band was inspired by the fantastic JAG PANZER song from the Fourth Judgement album. After a few months the line-up changed several times. In early 2000 Ger joined us, but in autumn 2001 the band had to take a break due to personal reasons concerning the guitar-players. In 2004 Ger and Januar decided to go on with the band, looking for a new guitar player. In the beginning of 2005 Galiem could be recruited and seems to be the perfect addition to TYRANNY. After one year of playing on stage and writing new material we recorded the In Times of Tyranny MCD, which was released in late autumn 2006.


Track listing

  1. Barbarossa
  2. Ramses
  3. 1453 Konstantinopel
  4. Stählerne Särge