Ulcer - Grant Us Death (CD)

Ulcer - Grant Us Death (CD)

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Poland's morbid sextet ULCER returns this time in worship of the old-school Swedeath chainsaw laceration!
Never for a moment losing focus on the authentic Swedish fucking death metal sound that has terrorized the globe for decades, the band's new full-length effort "Grant Us Death" is truly an unspeakable act of zombie-invoking riffs, heavily dosed with horror-theme inspired melody lines but yet spewing forth some of the most extremely well-(de)composed filthy-as-fuck death metal in the recent years.


Track listing

  1. Grant Us Death
  2. Devilspeed
  3. Bloodpainted Salvation
  4. The Love Song
  5. Godcremation
  6. Thanatoeuphoria
  7. Devitalized
  8. The Pact
  9. My Lord Has Horns
  10. When Horror Comes


...don't you be too quick to dismiss this record for its lack of innovation, 'cause Ulcer plays death metal better than most of their peers. The Polish sextet regurgitate that classic, chainsaw-like buzzing guitar crunch created by Entombed and blend it with just the right amount of harmonies, ravaging leads and bestial grunts with great results. - 4/5