Ulver - Kveldssanger (CD)

Ulver - Kveldssanger (CD)

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The second opus from this brilliant band. This album showed Ulver were going to be an experimental, unpredictable band early on, having no trace of the black metal that was the foundation for their debut. Instead, the mood is melancholy and introverted, played entirely on acoustic instruments. Captivating, hypnotic, absolutely beautiful stuff for cold winter nights.


Track listing

  1. Østenfor Sol og vestenfor Maane
  2. Ord
  3. Høyfjeldsbilde
  4. Nattleite
  5. Kveldssang
  6. Naturmystikk
  7. A cappella (Sielens Sang)
  8. Hiertets Vee
  9. Kledt i Nattens Farger
  10. Halling
  11. Utreise
  12. Søfn-ør paa Alfers Lund
  13. Ulvsblakk