Umbra / Ildfrost - Possum Play Falcon (Digipak CD)

Umbra / Ildfrost - Possum Play Falcon (Digipak CD)

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Split three-panel digipack between UMBRA and ILDFROST. UMBRA: The four umbra hymns are illustration for main 4 aspects of your personality. Each of them represents different kind of information that follows:The Open SelfInformation about you that is known to you and to others - information that you are willing and able to share with others. The challenge for you is to go beyond the Open Self and explore The Dark, Blind and Hidden Selves to get to know more about yourself... The Dark SelfInformation known to you...but not to others. The Blind SelfInformation known to others...but not to you The Hidden SelfInformation about your behaviour that is unknown to both you and to others... ILDFROST: one can see straightaway that we have told the truth and not a fairy tale, for in fairy tales virtue always triumphs.


Track listing

  1. Umbra - The Open Self
  2. Umbra - The Dark Self
  3. Umbra - The Blind Self
  4. Umbra - The Hidden Self
  5. Ildfrost - Daredevils
  6. Ildfrost - Poppycock
  7. Ildfrost - Solitary Stellar
  8. Ildfrost - Gravitational Moats
  9. Ildfrost - Currents
  10. Ildfrost - White Heat And Violet
  11. Ildfrost - Silverines