Umbra Nihil - The Borderland Rituals (CD)

Umbra Nihil - The Borderland Rituals (CD)

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The Borderland Rituals, UMBRA NIHIL's second full length release, seems like a musical mongrel mostly drawing influences from slow doom flavoured metal, 70's prog rock, ZEUHL, VOIVOD and maggot-infested heavy metal in general. In order to achieve a suitable claustrophobic sound and eerie, forbidding atmosphere the album has been recorded in an isolated and quarantined abandoned house on the inbred borderland, sullenly crafting the band's sound into a more organic and gelatinous direction, thus leaving behind the somewhat sterile sound of Gnoia.


Track listing

  1. Welcome to the Borderland
  2. Open the Gate
  3. Leaving the Body
  4. Sea of Sleep
  5. The Sign of Death