Unblessed Divine - Portal to Darkness (LP)

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As unique as UNBLESSED DIVINE music is also the band itself. Hailing from such legends as MALEVOLENT CREATION and SINISTER, based in Poland and South Africa, UNBLESSED DIVINE is now ready to bring new standard to darkened death metal. UNBLESSED DIVINE was conceived out of passion and love for all things dark in extreme metal by Lee Wollenschlaeger (ex MALEVOLENT CREATION) and Michal Grall (ex SINISTER). Having elements of death metal, black metal, industrial, symphony and anything to help achieve the darkest sound possible.


Track listing

  1. Book of Lies
  2. Replace the Light
  3. The Dark Supremacy
  4. Blacken the Soul
  5. God of Darkness
  6. The Exalted One
  7. I Feed
  8. The Glorious Flames