Undying - A Haunt within the Mist (Cassette)

Undying - A Haunt within the Mist (Cassette)

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...Through subconscious lands of Unlight, by paths too dreadful for human tongues...

Cassette edition of UNDYING's only recording, A Haunt Within the Mist. UNDYING was formed in 1999 by Hiraedd (KULT OF EIHORT), this album was written between the formation and 2004. Originally scheduled for CD on Eerie Art, it was released digitally by the band in 2006. Influenced by nature's mysticism and the cold, majestic atmospheres of bands such as EMPEROR, STRIF and ULVER.


Track listing

  1. The Awakening of Black Hatred
  2. Fog Envelops the Lightless Earth
  3. Beyond Monoliths of Frost
  4. Dark Winds Howl Over The Blighted Peaks
  5. May the Earth Forever Wither
  6. Beneath the Shroud of Midnight