Urban Waste - Recycled (CD)

Urban Waste - Recycled (CD)

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URBAN WASTE only ever had one release - a killer EP in 1982. This sole 7" has a strong legacy in hardcore punk and influenced many bands, especially New York bands. 28 years later, after reforming and some local shows, URBAN WASTE recorded their debut album.


Track listing

  1. Eat Cake
  2. Drug Bust
  3. Crack
  4. No Joke
  5. Boogey Man
  6. Mental Patient
  7. American
  8. Military Abuse
  9. Urban Waste
  10. Drama
  11. Resting In Peace
  12. Mutiny
  13. Greed
  14. Debation
  15. I Won't
  16. Havana Affair
  17. If We Only Had Love
  18. Creepy Groove


Urban Waste has quite a classic 1980s hardcore sound despite this being recorded almost 30 years on. There are the obligatory metallic tinges to the guitar work with fast-paced–and at times thrashy–drumming to keep things moving along at a fair pace. To be honest, despite the improvements in production standards/etc. that have taken place over the intervening years, and which have been applied to this recording, the whole feel of this album does take me back to that time in my life when, although I wasn't exactly a devotee of or expert on NYHC, there was some that was quite enjoyable. - 3/5

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