Utgard - Thrones and Dominions (CD)

Utgard - Thrones and Dominions (CD)

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Killer Finnish black metal! Thrones and Dominions is the latest album, released last year. Atmospheric BM with influence coming from Norway and Greece.

Feelings of Might, strenght and sometimes also despair and longing for times past are awoken by this opus of black metal from the misty lakes and dark woods of central Finland. UTGARD plays their black metal in the mid 90ies Finnish BM vein still having their own distinct sound.


Track listing

  1. The Devil and the Sinner
  2. Werewolf
  3. Dayfall
  4. Sub Umbra Dei
  5. Armageddon Fist
  6. Blood on the Stones
  7. Witch
  8. Instrumental I
  9. Black Sun
  10. Pan-Arcane
  11. Ravens
  12. Instrumental II