Utu Lautturi - Arcane Pyres (Cassette) Utu Lautturi - Arcane Pyres (Cassette)

Utu Lautturi - Arcane Pyres (Cassette)

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Split tape featuring two collaborative projects, both initiated by Finnish experimental artist Utu Lautturi.
On side A Utu Lautturi and his fellow woodsman 45:KO conjure a set of images depicting forgotten Eastern mythology. Inspired by the eccentric Aghoris of India, created as an offering to Kali Ma these soundscapes are rituals of mystical worship. At times gleaming with heightened spiritual energy yet mostly forcing an inward vision there is no promise of an easy journey through fire, bone and ash.
Side B drags deep into archaic catacombs of brooding darkness. There is little light of salvation in the RIIPII series produced by English master of desolation Faces Of Belmez and Utu Lautturi. However, even foreboding underground pools of thick blackness feel enticing in their eerie glow when forever lost in a damp haze. In time strange scraping noises fill our heads. Too late we realize we are only being served as food for arcane pyres.
Arcane Pyres rewards intent listening with headphones


Track listing

  1. Utu Lautturi & 45KO - Koura
  2. Utu Lautturi & 45KO - Kalma
  3. Utu Lautturi & 45KO - Devootio
  4. Utu Lautturi & 45KO - Muori
  5. Utu Lautturi & Faces of Belmez - Riipii I
  6. Utu Lautturi & Faces of Belmez - Riipii II
  7. Utu Lautturi & Faces of Belmez - Riipii III